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Biodanza, dancing the five fundamental human functions known as the five lines; Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence. Dancing these aspects of life in a group, connecting with yourself and others through music and movement.

Biodanza is a form of expressive dance with no steps to learn so anyone can take part. Each 2hr session is a group journey through music and movement. It increases your vitality and then brings you into relaxation with yourself and the group. It restores and resets the body on a cellular level, leaving you feeling energised yet relaxed.


The method is an invitation to come into the simplicity of the moment, learning to observe the moment just as it is, this method helps to develop acceptance and peace with what is. Our minds spend a lot of time and energy resisting what is, fighting against life, swimming up stream, which is totally exhausting! This method will help to unravel this futile habit!

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