Benefits of Biodanza

* Lower Stress Levels,

* Re-balance the body,

* Build Confidence,

* Boost Vitality,

* Stimulate Joy

* Make new friends

* Relief from everyday worries and the general chatter of the mind.

* Clarity of thinking from a higher perspective.

* A sense of calm, peace, joy and bliss.

* A warm open-hearted space in which you feel connected and whole.

* A connection with the divine/spirit, a sense of Oneness and wonder.

Dancing on a regular basis helps with all of this and more, your happiness levels will definitely increase!

However concluding a 28 module dance system doesn’t come close to the actual experience(s) of the dance itself, the best way to find out is to dance!

Biodanza session with Kate….

Dance & Boost Vitality; Biodanza Session with Kate