Biodanza, dancing the five fundamental human functions known as the five lines; Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence. Dancing these aspects of life in a group, connecting with yourself and others through music and movement.

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Biodanza is a form of expressive dance with no steps to learn so anyone can take part.
Each 1-2hr session is a group journey through music, movement & people. You are invited into a series of movements for you to explore, stretch & move beyond your own physical boundaries and beliefs about yourself and others. It will increase your vitality and then bring you into relaxation with yourself and the group. It restores and resets the body on a cellular level, leaving you feeling energised yet relaxed.

The Benefits:

Biodanza lowers stress levels, helps to re-balance the body, builds confidence, boosts vitality, stimulates joy and brings new friends into your life. Dancing on a regualr basis helps with all of this and more, your happiness levels will definitely increase!

However concluding a 28 module dance system doesn’t come close to the actual experience(s) of the dance itself, the best way to find out is to dance! Click Here for more benefits.

 My Biodanza Journey…

I first discovered Biodanza in 2008 at a holistic festival. When I first danced it was the one thing that took me to the place of eternal silence within, that which I had first discover in the Himalaya’s. I would dance then run off to avoid speaking to anyone and sit in peace drinking tea in the camping fields, oh what bliss. I danced for years without knowing what was really happening. Then in 2010 I joined the Dorset School of Biodanza & in Module 1: The Theoretical Model, I learnt what was happening although I still didn’t really understand, it is now years on I understand with experience what is happening & how good it is for me.


I have been dancing for many years, I offer Biodanza sessions for people to experience it themselves, see events for more info OR…

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Dorset School…

I trained with Niraj (Mike Skilbeck) at the Dorset School of Biodanza, an IBF registered school. Below you can watch a short film with Niraj about Biodanza, filmed by Katy Bullen, also a Biodanza facilitator!

Biodanza Film by Katy Bullen…..

Film made by Katy Bullen on

The Academic Definition: “Biodanza is a human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education and of re-learning of the life original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations.”