Is It Me Or Is There A New Fame, Money & Success Culture In Town?

More and more recently I am noticing the forever growing culture of fame, money & success, it’s no wonder depression & debt is rising!!! In my experience here in western society there is no avoiding the daily onslaught of messages about being successful, living to your potential, creating a six figure business….all this pressure & influence to work really, really hard to create money beyond your ability of spending in order to buy & consume things you really do not need and yet if you don’t create all this can create a feeling you’re missing out, you’re not good enough, that you’re missing out on something that everyone else is experiencing, you end up wondering where the fuck is my amazing potential, I must have missed the queue when they were dishing that out!!! Alternative Events UK BlogPeople endlessly gloating on Facebook about how great their life is….I like to call it the keeping up with the Jones’s online syndrome, creating that bullshit, egoic image. I know I have been guilty of it myself, but more & more recently as gratitude & contentment is growing & the illusionary bullshit that everyone is really successful & I’m not good enough is cracking, I feel less need to create this bullshit online image, aka my cyber ego. When you are truly happy with life & with what is there is nothing to gloat about, it’s just ordinary yet extraordinary life.

And let’s be realistic here with depression & mental illness at an all time high and the
majority of people and government in debt I feel it is safe to assume we are drowning in our own illusionary egoic bullshit in one way or another!

My invitation to you is to take a moment, take a deep breath & realise you are great just as you are! To recognise that everyone, yes everyone has their challenges in life, no matter how rosey things may look for them. Everyone has flaws, worries & challenges.

Alternative Events UK BlogJust take a moment to breath, slow down & know that everything IS perfect just as it is. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, but just be here with what is & be grateful. Be grateful for all you have and for all the challenges and know that we are all in this together!

Something else I have been noticing recently are posts saying it will be alright, this is again some illusion of the mind that keeps us locked in a state of discontentment, that everything you have ever waited for is just around the next corner, when really everything you need is really right here, everything is totally ok just as it is. Really it is & when you really begin to breath that in & BELEIVE it life becomes a more joyous & a simple experience of flow.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying don’t go for what you want, or create change in your life, or want something different or better (whatever that may be for you), I am a transformational coach after all. I would just like to invite you to realise where you are and who you are is perfect & to live from this more relaxed state of being. When you begin to relax into this new way of being your energy levels will rise, the mind no longer wastes energy & from this new state you can being to create from a much more ergonomic, balanced & contented position.

This position I believe is living from your human potential, it is a more subtle, balanced & positive state, one that does not need to scream from the roof tops when things are amazing because things are always amazing even when they are shit!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this quick blog post and that it makes a difference in the way you experience life. Feel free to leave your comments below & if you would like support in creating a more balanced life I would love to hear from you to explore how I can support you as a coach to make those changes, be it in your mind or in your physical reality or both!

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