We’re Pretty Mental…

As human beings we’re pretty mental, I don’t mean mental mad, I mean the majority of humans live through the mind. The minute we are conceived our amazing mind begins to form in the womb, it gets all the nutrition needed to develop and then we come into this world with this amazing porous brain which begins to get programmed & conditioned.

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Our Programming…

From the environment around us as babies and children our minds fill with information, beliefs & programming, we become socially conditioned, this all sets us up for adult life. Now I don’t know about you but I can count on one hand how many people I know in the UK who had a functional upbringing, it could be that due to my upbringing I attracted other dysfunctional people into my life, don’t get me wrong on the one hand my childhood was healthy & wealthy but on the other hand there was dysfunctionality, but the majority of families, I believe, are pretty dysfunctional. So in this environment the mind is programmed with its model of the world which creates patterns of behaviour and outcomes in life as an adult that may be less than one desires.

The Great News…

Now the great news about this is, the brain is porous & changeable, have you ever watched a thriller or a horror film just before going to bed and then you have intense dreams or nightmares? That’s because the last bit of information you went to sleep on was in the conscious mind which then filters through into the unconscious mind whilst sleeping & then shows up in your dreams.

The great thing about a porous mind means no matter where you are in life, whatever less desirable patterns are occurring, whatever results you are getting this can be changed from the inside out! A great way to change these patterns is through conversation, a series of coaching conversations with the intention to create change in the mind & in life itself. Through coaching conversations & exploring the programming of the mind.

The thing with our programmed mind is the programming runs so deep most of the time we don’t even realise we are carrying the programming (beliefs) of our parents, our school teachers, our religion & or our society. Most of the time we do not have a clue who we really are, our identity is a mesh of other people who surrounded us during our formative years & in our social circles today. We are often dis-empowered, confused & blaming others for our not so great life experience, but all is not lost because if you desire change in your life experience all you need is to act on that desire, to have the courage to begin to explore in a non-judgmental, safe environment your mental programming & to then, step by step make changes in your life.

Why Have These Conversations?…

By having these conversations beliefs can be changed, changing your beliefs, changes your perspective which changes your feelings which changes your actions which changes your reality – working from the mind, down through the heart, into the gut/instinct/action center & into your life.

So if you are feeling unfulfilled, or you’re blaming others for your life experience, or you’re blaming your past, or you’re noticing a pattern in your life, or you’re feeling confused with who you are, what your doing, or you just have a desire for your outside world to change then I invite you into a series of explorative, supportive, coaching conversations with me to unravel what is happening.

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