Wake up to the NOW

A group practice to wake up to the moment, to feel more at ease with life.

This is an invitation to come together in stillness to support each other to practise self-awareness and presence, to allow self-awareness to grow in order to feel more at peace with yourself & in your daily life. A simple method that will develop self-awareness (method is described further down).

Developing self-awareness can bring less mind-chatter, stress, anger, judgements, fear & more calm, happiness, joy, peace and contentment.

The Method

We gather in a circle sitting down, coming into stillness & silence, bringing our awareness into the room, becoming aware of the body, the thoughts, feelings, body sensations and any emotions which may come and go.

Each person will have 5 mins to describe what they notice about themselves and the experience they are having in the present moment, within the circle in the room. No stories about the past or the future just being present with what arises, describing their experience. If the person does not feel to voice their experience, for whatever reason, that is welcome, the invitation is to become aware of everything that is happening moment to moment and to welcome what is. Perhaps fear of speaking arises, that’s fine, notice it, remain silent but notice what is happening in the mind, in the body & in the room.

This practice will be with the eyes open or closed or looking at a candle in the middle of the room, each person is invited to remain with themselves but listening to what others are experiencing whilst noticing what effect this is having on their experience.


Stillness, self-awareness and coming fully into the moment is a powerful, transformational and profound way to experience life, this group is where it can begin.

To become aware of thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations, accepting them all exactly as they are, a sense of peace and comfort in the body will arise, maybe not the first time but after some time of practising self-awareness and welcoming what is, a new way of being will come to life.

To become AWARE of thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations is recognising life beyond these experiences, it is a way to connect to life itself, to the oneness we all are.

To practice this in a group, listening to our friends in the circle brings us to understand one another, to realise we are not alone, that we all experience similar thoughts, feelings, emotions and they are all welcome moment to moment.

This group practice is not a class you come to and go away and forget about, it is a support group to bring this practice of self-awareness and acceptance into daily living.

Becoming fully present and accepting of what is, life can become an experience of stillness and joy from the inside out.

Benefits of this group: Less mind-chatter, less stress, less anger, less judgements, less fear, more calm, happiness, joy, peace and contentment.

I invite you to this group practice as I am beginning to come more into stillness through practising self-awareness and I feel to share this powerful practice.

You will either feel ready to come into practising self-awareness and stillness or there will be mind resistance and you will feel repelled, either way is fine, it’s what is 😉

Who With

The group space will be held by me, Kate from Alternative Events UK 🙂

For nearly eight years I have been waking up to the present moment through meditation, transformational dance, self-enquiry, transformational coaching, silent retreats, workshops and listening to teachers such as Osho, Ekchart Tolle, Byron Katie & Goenka G.

I have come to realise the simplicity and power of accepting what is, the power of this moment, the power of becoming aware of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sensations and the physical world in this moment, loving all of what is, using awareness of the body and mind, feeling at ease with life whether it is presenting a challenge or not.

I am not claiming to be some enlightened guru, I am inviting you into a practice, sharing a tool which you can use in your daily life to help you experience a more peaceful way of living. I too will be practising with you, describing my experience with 100% authenticity as to what I am noticing about my experience and accepting what is.

 I intend to run this group on a monthly basis in Surrey as long as there are enough beings ready to wake up to this moment, this moment, this moment, this moment….haa 🙂 If not I shall carry on practising in every moment in life 🙂

The method has been inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, dancing Biodanza and Ecstatic Awakening Dance all of which I have found truly transformational, going from unhappiness to contentment.

You can read more about me at my personal website shantikate78.co.uk or connect with me over on Facebook www.facebook.com/shantikate1978

Let me know if you have any questions, namaste 🙂

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