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Nearly three years ago Alternative Events UK came into creation as an idea in my mind after asking how can I serve. I had quit my PAYE job as an Area Manager in London and I was feeling to start something more aligned with the path of consciousness and personal transformation.

I felt to support teachers, workshop leaders & friends who had supported me in my transformation, going from binge drinking and unhappy to happy & healthy. So I had an idea & a laptop, I was time rich but cash poor, but these days having time, a laptop and an idea is enough to bring the desire into creation.

This is where my journey in marketing and sales really began and to be honest I am still only just getting my head round the fact that I am a sales person, if I am truly honest there is still residue from old beliefs about sales, marketing and money that don’t sit well within me, still internal work to unravel it would seem.Alternative Events UK Marketing & Sales ~ The Spiritual Taboo

Old beliefs aside, I recognise that the learning of marketing and sales skills is key to bringing an idea into creation, to earn a living, to grow a business and to raise consciousness. Not only learning marketing and sales but also getting comfortable with money, valuing skills and personal growth, recognising that what is being shared (the events) are of value, but more than anything they are contributing to the level of consciousness within the collective. They are transforming people’s inner world, bringing awareness to thoughts, feelings, emotions in order to move beyond, to come home and this is why I feel that learning the art of marketing and having a healthy relationship with it is so important for conscious business owners.


I feel the most important place to start, if you have an idea for a conscious business, looking at your beliefs around the subject of Sales & Marketing. For this you may need support: you may need to hire a coach to look at this stuff that will hold you, your business and your offerings back.

If you believe that marketing, sales & money are evil and you have uncomfortable feelings inside, how will you ever sell your product or service when there is a monster belief thrashing you every day you work? My old beliefs were that people with money were bad, beliefs that I can’t have what I want, beliefs that the rich are living in another world to me, beliefs that having money is ugly, it doesn’t bring happiness, all this stuff was holding me back until I explored it with a coach.

I invested a lot of money and time to explore & shift old beliefs, this stuff doesn’t go away over night when the mind has been thinking thoughts over many years, but it is good to make a start at changing the minds beliefs in order for your offerings to flourish.

I had to face that I was terrible with managing money and I had my head in the clouds, that I was burying myself more and more in debt, now I am very proud to say that my money managing systems are in place. Just last month I was coaching someone who was struggling with managing money, 18 months ago if a client mentioned money struggles in a session I would cringe inside but now I get excited as I know where the client is and I can confidently assist with supporting them to change money habits.

Beliefs about marketing and sales, I had to look at what I was believing, in the end I realised a big part of what I am doing is inviting people to events in order for them to move towards happiness, to enjoy life more. I have no issue going to the supermarket and buying food I need to be healthy and I have not thought twice about spending unaccountable amounts of money and time over the past eight years on my personal development in order to feel and be a happier person.


So if you are still reading this and you are a conscious business owner or you are about start providing a service in exchange for money I ask you to take an honest moment and ask yourself……Am I comfortable with the thought of being a sales person?  Am I comfortable telling people what I offer? Am I comfortable with valuing myself? Am I comfortable with money? Am I comfortable with asking for money? If you answer no to any of these, are you willing to change?

For me starting a business was a huge challenge, all this background stuff going on, all this dis-belief in myself and dis-comfort around money. Now I am happy with the service I provide and clients I work alongside are grateful for my service and skills


The next thing you will need is to learn and master is the art of marketing and sales. I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn to love marketing & sales because without it you have a hobby. Marketing is a creative art, it is an art of communication, it is an art of reaching your audience and once you have reached your audience communicating the value of your service within a few lines of text or a couple of minutes of speaking. For the person reading or listening to know what it is you offer, if they need/want it, how is it going to benefit them, is it valuable to them. It needs to create intrigue for them to want to know more about you and what you have to offer. It is a way of conveying your value and the benefit they will receive when they buy your product or service.

Did you know you have a maximum of 30 seconds, online, to convey and communicate your message clearly in order for a person to continue finding out more about you? I had heard this statistic but only half believed it, but I can confirm from the statistics on this website you have between 10-30 seconds to express the “what, why & value” of your product or service before your potential customer moves onto the next piece of cyber information! Think about that! 30 secs, at the most!

Choose your marketing channel

There are many ways to market your product or service….public speaking, networking events, hosting events, leaflets, writing, blogging, vlogging, social media, e-marketing, articles, billboards, newspapers, local shops, get out on the streets and speak with people. The best thing to do is pick two or three channels, try them out and see how they fit you, your offer and your personality. I love social media, Facebook mainly, but also twitter and YouTube, I enjoy writing and occasionally I host events. I have tried networking and even made it into the Guinness World Records participating in the world’s largest speeding networking event, now that was a challenge, as I hated business networking events!!! I pitched Biodanza 20 times over with a 2/3 minute time limit, my goodness my throat after that. So try out what feels possible even if it is a little uncomfortable at first and keep going. I had a break through with vlogging (video blogging) recently, I hated the camera but kept doing it, now it is comfortable, the last channel for me is public speaking which I will crack, but you don’t need to master them all, just two or three is enough.

Of course once you have momentum about your great business, word of mouth/personal recommendation is the best marketing. More recently people have begun to set up affiliate marketing, so you may offer your product or service to someone who is well connected in your field and ask them to recommend you, you then pay that person commission for their recommendation.

Sales Copy

Buy a book, go online, sign up to a course, hire a mentor, this again is a key skill to learn. Learning how to effectively communicate what you offer in the written word or spoken. I have a standard template for events now which I have developed from learning about how to write sales copy. How to convey what you are selling, what the benefits are, communicating the value & credibility of the product or service. Sales copy is a way of communicating why someone would want to part with their money & possibly time for your product or service.


I feel it is really good to get into the habit of picking a theme and sticking to it when it comes to image, right from the start of your business. Pick a photo of yourself you like and use it for all your social media, newsletters, leaflets & business cards, people will then begin to recognise your face whether you are online or in person, they will relate your face with your product or service, this also creates a personal touch. Making sure all Social Media, E-Marketing, Website, Business Cards, Leaflets all have the same theme creates a feeling of safety for people, of familiarity, of credibility and stops people’s minds getting confused. When it comes to sales, the confused mind says no, so the clearer you are in communication and branding the better.

Online Marketing Skills

My marketing is done online, it is where I feel comfortable, it is where I feel all the eyes are these days, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home, but it also gives me the freedom to work anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and Wi-Fi.

This is a list of skills I have learnt over the years, skills that you may benefit from learning to bring your idea into creation….


Social Media

You Tube


E-Marketing/Emailing, Mailchimp & Aweber are good platforms

Email/Data Management


Spreadsheets For Event Organisation and Finance

Online Ticketing – I use Brown Paper Tickets as I like their ethics

Sales Copy

Effective Web Design


I really hope you have found this article useful,thought provoking and inspiring. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, Kate, if you feel you need support with any of the topics above or check out the mentoring & coaching services I offer to find out how I could support you feeling better about your marketing & creating sales.

Click Here for more information on my Transformational Coaching Service.

If you have negative beliefs or uncomfortable feelings about marketing, sales or money, how will you ever a earn a living doing what you love?

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