Profound Midnight Madness

I wake up at 3am with an active and crazy mind wanting to take me here, there and everywhere, a part of me was refusing to go anywhere but to remain here and now, an image of a sprouting onion came into the creative imagination….

Alternative Events UK ~ Profound Midnight Madness

I used to be just Kate (the onion), through the discontentment, pain and suffering that I so wanted to get away from, but was totally identified with, I found myself living in an Osho Meditation center in India for a few months. I was so desperate for change, for something new, fed up with the same old patterns.

It was there I began to question myself (the onion) and began to realise there was more to me than just the thoughts and feelings I was so identified with (the onion) and life on the surface. Something began to stir inside, life, consciousness (the sprout), a new form.

Over the years this sprout (consciousness) has voyaged through many layers of the onion….thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, ego…each layer being cracked open in order for this new form that “I” really have no control over to come through. The onion has to completely surrender to the new life pushing through, it has no choice.

I feel like I have split into three….the light, the shadow and the awareness….more and more the awareness is watching all the internal madness….the watcher is still, is peaceful, beyond all of the surface and internal chaos. The watcher is not identified, the watcher is consciousness, life, being life.

Quite profound middle of the night madness, 15th January 2016

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