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Transformational Breath

The breath is our connection to life, by making changes to the way we breathe it can have profound and lasting effects in all aspects of our life. Studies show that 90% of us are not breathing correctly, by breathing deeply we have all the oxygen we need for optimum health and detoxification.

Transformational breath® is a loving and very powerful process of self-healing, where life changes become easy with the help of your own breath. By learning to open your breath, you can open up to MORE LIFE ! Transform subconscious behavioral patterns, clear emotional blockages and fill the space once occupied with fear, with more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.


Alternative Events UK Transformational BreathBy utilizing your full breathing capacity Transformational Breath ®, relaxes, enhances detoxification and leads to more energy and vitality. Our breath is our connection to life and therefore to the amount of good we are willing to receive in life.



Transformational Breath ® Creates permanent resolution by freeing repressed emotions and negativity, held in the body/mind. You will experience more confidence, regain access to inner peace, insight’s and develop greater compassion for yourself and others.


Improved breathing has been found to bring peace of mind, relieve stress and anxiety, ease panic attacks and depression. This powerful technique will permanently remove thought patterns that no longer serve you, leaving space for enhanced creativity and providing you with more mental clarity.

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Transformational Breath ® is a life-long tool that can be used to access higher levels of awareness. Experience how it is to be fully connected with your inner being and to open up to unique experiences which provide you with insight into higher levels of consciousness.


“Breathwork is the ultimate healing experience because it combines the power of the breath with the quality of your thoughts, which can heal anything.” ~ Leonard Orr

How does it work?

Transformational Breathing works by using a high vibrational energy force, created by a specific breathing pattern. This breathing technique opens and clears blocked energy; past emotional memories held in the body can surface and finally be integrated. Energy gets stuck at a physical level in the body and can be permanently cleared through the breath.

At Love in the breath we combine this with creating a highest thought or feeling state for each session, this set’s up a process of entrainment. Because when we start to breathe, using this high vibrational energy force. It connects to our electromagnetic field and anything of a lower vibration, to our high intention then moves to the surface for healing. Permanently resolving these blocked patterns, Transformational Breath ® gives you the freedom to create the life you want, without analysis.

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