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Transformational Coaching with Kate

Creating Positive Change In Your Life, One Simple Step At A Time, Improving Your Life Experience or Business.

Here you will find a great way to create change with support, through the power of Transformational Coaching.

I offer Transformational Coaching to support you to make the changes you want to see in your life or your business.

First I would like to answer a question that may be in your mind, what is Transformational Coaching?

Now you may have some preconceived ideas about coaching, that is all about goals and achieving, well let me reassure you Transformational Coaching with me is not about achieving everything yesterday in a stressful & neurotic manner no, Transformational Coaching with me is all about exploring thoughts, feelings & behaviour in order to create positive change in you which in turn creates change in the life you experience.

When you change what is going on, on the inside, what you experience on the outside will change as well.

You may have heard about performance coaching which is goal orientated, getting you from A-B . Transformational Coaching is more than going from A-B, it is exploring what is B, why you want B, what stops you getting to B & support to get you there.

I believe in steady, progressive coaching that creates permanent change, coaching that explores & changes what lies beneath the everyday thoughts, feelings & behaviour!…

How does Transformational Coaching work?

We explore the outcome in your life or business that you desire.

We have a conversation, I actively listen, reflect & question in order for you to gain clarity on where things are unclear and where changes need to be made.

You set yourself tasks/homework between the sessions, creating the change you want to see. We review how this goes & what might be getting in the way of creating the changes you desire.

We explore the relationship between your thoughts, feelings & actions to find any conflicts that may be holding you back.

We work alongside each other in a supportive, safe & positive space to make small steps to change your life experience or to reach your desired outcome.

* Life Coaching, are you feeling unfulfilled, do you feel the need for change, do you feel stuck, confused with what to ‘do’ with life, perhaps even confused with who you are! Transformational Life Coaching is a great way to unravel what is happening & support for you to make the positive changes you feel you need in your life! (read more…)

* Life Balance Coaching, sometimes life can be a little out of balance, this coaching is to support you to keep the different aspects of your life in balance. Helping you to prioritise what is important for you in order for you to feel happy and fulfilled. (read more…)

* Business Coaching, I work with small business owners or start-ups to get clear on what they are offering, why & what are the next steps to move the business forward. (read more…)

Want to know more? Get in touch with me so we can explore how my Transformational Coaching service can support change in your life! I look forward to supporting positive change in your life, one simple step at a time! 

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